School Communication

School Communications to Parents and Guardians:

Latest communication update sent to parents, students & staff by email form Albert Lacombe Catholic Elementary School Administration on June 12, 2020.

For further information and previous communications sent out and their general topics, see below:

June 12 - Parent Information for Returning School Material and Picking up Grade 6 Farewell gift and Certificate (Grade 6 families).

June 12 - Parent Information for Returning School Materials (Pre-K to Grade 5)

April 16 - School Council Meeting - April 22

April 9 - Holy Week Services for Interested Families

April 8 - Information on our Virtual Classrooms

April 5 - Parent Resource and Weekly Update

March 31 - Managing Screen Time

March 30 - Information for Parents to Access Google Classroom and SeeSaw

March 28 - Online Learning Overview

You can access all district communication from our Superintendent of Schools and Board of Trustees here: Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools

Thank you for supporting our school jurisdiction to keep our students, staff, and community members safe.  

Posted: April 5, 2020.