Where does the money go?

Sometimes families wonder how funds collected at school are used:

  • Vending Machine - Our Vending Machine is located near the small gym and is stocked by an outside contractor with ‘healthier’ snack choices.  There are food and drink items, usually priced between $1.00 and $2.50, and the machine accepts coins and credit cards.  We encourage parents to talk with their children about purchasing choices and when to use the vending machine.  Proceeds from the machine are used for supplies and prizes for our Sports Academy program and also to provide staff jackets for Albert Lacombe staff members.  
  • Recycling - We have a Recycle Club, composed mainly of students in Gr 4 and above.  They give up part of their lunch recess, on a rotating basis, to collect paper recycling from classrooms and coordinate collection of juice boxes, cans and bottles for deposit.  Proceeds from this recycling go towards a special field trip for the Gr 4 students and then we reserve some of the money to help pay for expenses related to the DARE program and graduation which will take place when the students are in Grade 6.  
  • Beary Merry Christmas - Our Beary Merry Christmas event was very successful this year, attracting more families than ever before.  The musical performances in the gym, visits with Santa, craft stations, sports stations, hot chocolate and bake sale, storytime, and hayrides were enjoyed by all!  Ticket sales for parents, siblings and other guests covered expenses for these activities and any proceeds are used to purchase equipment and resources for our Music Program.  Proceeds from the Hot Chocolate and Bake Sale (thank you, SEEALS) went to our Advent Project, Tools for a New Future, providing school supplies for Syrian refugee children coming to the Edmonton area--a partnership project with Catholic Social Services, Reception House.
  • Track Meet Concession - This concession is organized by parents of Grade 5 students and the proceeds go towards costs for the Grade 6 Outdoor Education Field Trip for the following school year.  Unsold items may be offered for sale at other Albert Lacombe events and proceeds go the same place!  
  • Book Fair - Our Library organizes two Book Fairs per year.  These Book Fairs are held in conjunction with our Parent-Teacher Interviews in November and March.  As well as providing families with a fun experience to choose engaging new books to boost interest in reading, the proceeds from the Book Fairs are returned to our school to purchase new resources and materials for our Library and for our MakerSpace projects.