Kindergarten Information

To attend kindergarten your child must be five years of age before March 1st of the school year currently enrolled.

This means that your child could start kindergarten in September at the age of four, as long as he or she turns five before the following March 1st.

Contact us to book a school tour @ 780-459-4478

The word kindergarten comes from a German word that means "children's garden." Kindergarten is a place for your child to grow and learn. We provide a learning environment that focuses on play and inquiry to support your child's development as a confident learner going into grade 1. We want this important first step toward a Catholic education to be a memorable experience for both of you.

We recognize that families appreciate choice in the type of programs to best suit their child and schedule needs. Our district provides a range of options that accommodate a range of family needs and may include some or all of the following options:

  • Half-day Programs - morning or afternoon classes.
  • *Full-day Kindergarten - children attend school Monday through Friday, full days.
  • *Progressive Program - children attend half days until the spring and transition to full days later in the school year.
  • Note: French Immersion programs are offered in other schools within our district.

*Fees for these programs apply. Please inquire at your school of choice.

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