Agenda 2017/2018

September 19th 2017

1. Picture day is tomorrow. The pictures will be taken inside and in the small gym. 

2. Word of the week (pungent) is due on Thursday. 

3. Students are to have a conversation with parents tonight about french. They are to tell parents six phrases or words that we have been working on in french. 

4. We discussed and explored the six different simple machines today in Science. Students are to tell parents the six simple machines that we learned about today. 

September 21st

1. Hot lunch orders were handed out to the students today and are due on September 27th. 

2. Students are to read for 20 minutes each night over the weekend. 


Have a good long weekend everyone. 

September 25th

1. Hot lunch order forms are due on September 27th. You can pay online or send it in to me. 

2. Students are to wear Orange on Friday for orange shirt day. 

3. Word of the week is due on Friday (Meddle)

4. In science today, we made a type of lever called a catapult for a simple machine. The students designed them and will be making a video describing their design next week. 

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

September 27th

1. Today, students signed into my google classrooms using their class codes. They will be working within their online classrooms. Students have already signed into their french classroom and I attached a link that they can use in order to help them with french phrases and other outcomes that we will be looking at throughout the year. 

2. Students signed into my SeeSaw account today as well. We will be using their seesaw accounts for Science on Monday to demonstrate their understanding of levers after finishing their catapults.  


September 29th

1. Students worked on their word of the week assignment in google classrooms. They were working on Ed past tense verbs and creating complete sentences. We have been focusing on complete sentences and fragments. This assignment is due on Monday. 

2. Students were given their QSP magazine sales package today. 

3. Today in Science we worked in groups. We identified fulcrums, loads, and efforts on different objects (levers) that we use in our lives. We focused on identifying what type of lever (first, second, or third class) their objects were. 

4. For students who ordered from scholastics in the month of September, their books orders came in today. 

Have a good weekend everyone!




October 2nd

1. The WE day and leadership groups are collecting non perishable food items for our food drive for our Thanksgiving celebration. Each classroom is collecting food bank donations. 

2. We have our Thanksgiving celebration on Thursday afternoon at 1:30 PM. All parents and  guardians are welcome to attend. 

3. Students have their word of the week due on Friday and their comprehension text due on Friday. They worked on their two assignments today in class.


Have a good Monday night! 

October 3rd

1. Book orders were sent out today for October. The book orders are going to be due on October 20th. 

2. Jersey day is tomorrow. We are wearing our Jerseys to show our support for the Oilers first season game. 

3. Today in Science, students worked on a google classroom assignment where they had to identify first, second and third class levers. They had to insert a picture and label the three parts to a lever which includes the fulcrum, load, and effort. 

4. We are still collecting food items for our food drive and for our Thanksgiving celebration that is on Thursday. 

5. In social, we are working on showing our understanding and appreciation of how elements of geology, geography, paleontology and climate are important to the landscapes and environment of Alberta. 

October 5th

1. Our Thanksgiving celebration took up some of our Science block today, so I will be giving the students a bit of extra time to finish their lever assignment tomorrow in google classroom. 


October 11th

1. Students were given their log in accounts for Razz kids today. They are to use their log in and do twenty minutes of home reading tonight. 

2. Tomorrow, I will be handing out the students Halloween Dance forms. You can purchase tickets online. The Halloween dance is on October 27th. 

3. Tomorrow, I will also be handing out Albert Lacombe Bears Hockey Pool form. 


October 13th

1. Students created fossils today for our Social studies class in our maker space activity. We have been discussing the importance of preserving fossils and what fossil fuels are and where they came from. 

2. Students worked on their show what you know in math today and they will be getting their study guide on Monday. Their unit test will be next week. 

3. In science, we discussed the importance of rollers and how it makes our lives easier. We discussed how they are used as conveyer belts at the air ports and at factories. Students are to tell parents examples of rollers that we talked about in class today. 

4. Orange forms for the Halloween Dance were sent out today. You can order tickets online. 

October 17th

1. Students were given their math study guide today. We worked on the Show what you know together in their math textbooks. There are practice questions that will help students prepare themselves on their study guide for each outcome. 

2. Students WOTW (Word of the week) Is due on Friday. Their word of the week is haste. 

3. The WE Day team is collecting new hats, sweaters, and mittens for our hampers in each classroom. 

4. Early dismissal is on Friday. Students are done school at 11:55.

October 18th 2017

1. Students are going to be creating a See Saw video tomorrow in French. They will be using the Phrase "Dans mon sac a dos il y a _____" Which means, in my backpack there is/are _________. 

2. Students were given their study guide yesterday for Math. Their unit test is on Friday. I wrote some practice example questions for students to work on, in their study guide.

October 23rd

1. Students worked on their new WOTW today which was rancid. Their word of the week is due on Friday. 

2. We practiced how to start a sentence using a preposition starter (on, beside, above, underneath). Students are creating the ends of the preposition starters for their sentences. Their assignment is due on Friday. 

3. We are still collecting warm hats, scarves, mittens, and coats for our WE DAY.

4. Students are to explain to their parents our experiment that we are doing in science and our question we are trying to solve. Does a high steep or a low steep of a ramp give the farthest distance with our cars? 


October 24th

1. Students worked on their creepy treat planning page today. They are to discuss their best treat that they are going to receive in their story and a few descriptive words to describe it. We are going to be completing our planning page tomorrow and will be starting our writing of our halloween story. 

2. Our Halloween dance is this Friday. You can buy tickets at the door as well if you missed buying them online. 

3. In the afternoon, of the 31st, students will be having their Halloween party. I will be contacting parents this week who are on my list for Halloween snacks and beverages. 


Have a great night everyone!

October 27th

1. Halloween dance is tomorrow at 6:30 pm. Families can still by tickets at the door. 

2. Preposition starters for sentences are due tomorrow. It is in the students word work duotang. 

3. Students have their word of the week (Rancid) due tomorrow. 

4. Students are to read twenty minutes tonight. 



October 28th

1. Students worked on their rough copy of their creepy treat story. Their first paragraph is due Monday. We worked on the criteria that students need to include within their first paragraph. 

2. Next Tuesday is wear orange and black day and crazy hair day. 

3. Next Tuesday in the afternoon is our Halloween party. 

4. Students are to have parents sign their math tests for Monday. 

November 1st

1. FundScrip Gift Card order forms due Friday, November 3

2. Students worked for two blocks today on their creepy treat story. Their rough draft is due on Friday. We will be working on the last part of their story rubric which is editing this week. 

3. Word of the week is due on Friday (Meticulous)

November 2nd

1. Students have their rough copy of their creepy treat story due tomorrow. They had another block to work on it today. Tomorrow, the students will finish off their editing and revising and hand it in to me. 

2. Students were given their Stanwichy sausage orders. If you would like to order any of the products, the due date is on November 9th. 

November 6th

1. WOTW due on Thursday (Picturesque) 

2. Students travel guide for Banff or Jasper National park google slide is due on Thursday. 

3. On Thursday, students are to wear red for our Remembrance day celebration and they can bring in a donation for poppies on that day as well. 

4. Book orders for November are due on November 16th. If you ordered book orders for the month of October, the books should be in this week because they were shipped on Friday. 

5. I handed out a reading incentive for students to start filling for the month of November. I sent home a parent letter as well explaining the prize if your child wins the draw which is laser city tickets. 


I hope everyone had a good weekend!


November 7th 2017

1. Students can bring a donation on Thursday which is 25 cents to get a bag of popcorn and a poppy. 

2. Today, students looked at our simple machine of the pulley. Students are to tell parents three examples of pulleys.

November 15th

1. In Science, students worked on their pulley systems (elevators). They will be creating their see saw videos tomorrow. 

2. Students are to tell parents the three types of pulley systems we discussed today. (Moving pulley, simple pulley and compound pulley). 

November 17th

1. Report cards went out today. 

2. Parent teacher interviews are on Monday and Wednesday next week. 

3. The book fair will be set up in room 118. On Monday, during our library class, I will be taking the students to the book fair. 

Have a good weekend everyone!

November 21st

1. WOTW (Contemplate is due on Thursday)

2. Homophone assignment on Word Work Google Classroom is due on Thursday. 

3. In science, we discussed the two other simple machines (the wedge and the screw). Students are to find or explain three examples of screws that are found in the home (Jar lids, milk jug lids, bolts, etc). 

November 23rd

1. Students were working on the comprehension strategy of questioning today in Language Arts. Their comprehension questions are due on Monday. (Roly Poly Pill Bug). 

2. Students worked on their Math assessment today and it is due on Monday. 

3. Students were given a Science package to take home today to show parents. If you have any questions about the assignment, feel free to email me. 

4. Our school is raising money for World Vision Animals (Build a Stable Project). We are collecting loose change to hopefully buy an animal which will provide vital nutrition to children and families while bringing in extra income.

November 29th

1. On Friday, it is wear red and green day. 

2. Students were given their Science study guide today and we reviewed each section. They are going to have a quiz on Monday which will be a review of our wheels, levers, and building devices that move units. 

3. Students worked in their "Work on Writing" google classroom and practiced writing thick and thin questions based off of picture prompts. The assignment is due on Friday. 

November 30th

1. Students have their word of the week due tomorrow (muddled). 

2. We wrote an example introduction paragraph today for their persuasive writing called "Santa Sleigh Sale." They are to finish their introduction paragraph today. It is due tomorrow. 

3. Tomorrow is wear Red and Green day for the first day of December. 


Have a good night!

December 1st

1. Albert Lacombe oil Kings School Night Order Forms went out today. The due date for the order forms are for December 14th.

2. Students have their Science quiz on Monday. Their study guide was given out on Wednesday. 

3. Students worked on their second paragraph today for their Santa Sleigh Sale. They need to have their second paragraph done for Monday. We worked on how to use transition words today when we paragraph our writing. 

4. Students have Library on Monday so I told the students to bring their books they have been reading at home to school to return and sign out new ones. 

December 4th

1. WOTW  (Subtle) due Thursday.

2. 3rd and last paragraph of their Santa Sleigh Sale writing task is due tomorrow so that we can start editing and revising their written copies. 

3. Thursday is movie night at Albert Lacombe from 6-8 for parents and family. You can still buy tickets. 

4. No school on Friday. PD day on Friday. 

December 5th 2017

1. Today, students worked on finalizing their rough copy of their Santa Sleigh Sale. Their rough copy is due tomorrow. We will be typing up their good copy and editing and revising tomorrow. 

2. Students are to practice two subtraction questions tonight. We worked on the strategy of regrouping. Their two strategies that they have to work on and complete are: 214-117 and 500-350. 


December 6th 2017

1. Students were given there Albert Lacombe Christmas Concert forms to give to parents. 

2. Students have their WOTW due tomorrow. 

December 7th 2017

1. No school tomorrow. Teachers have PD.

2. Reminder to students that their Science project of building devices that move is due on the 14th of December

3. Christmas Mass is next week on the 15th. 

4. Students are to have their Christmas concert purple sheets back to me by Monday. 

5. Students are to do their daily reading over the weekend. 


Have a good weekend everyone!

December 11th

1. Al Christmas concert forms (I am still collecting purple christmas concert forms for sports academy and non sports academy). Please let me know if your child will be attending the Christmas concert. 

2. I handed back the students Science quiz today. I would like the students to have their quizzes signed and handed back to me by Thursday December 14th (when their building device project is due).

3. WOTW is due on Friday. 

4. Students worked on using An and A correctly in their writing today and their worksheet involving synonyms for good is due on Friday. 

5. Students are to wear red and green for Wednesday and we are also selling popcorn for a dollar on Wednesday as well. 


Have a good night everyone!

December 14th 2017

1. We are going to Mass at 9:30 AM tomorrow morning. 

2. Social Posters and slides are due tomorrow for our Parkland Region. (I will be giving students about 20 minutes to finish up anything they have left on their posters or slides tomorrow). 

3. WOTW (due tomorrow) and their adjective grammar practice. 

4. Students will be presenting their devices to the grade threes tomorrow during block seven. All of them look great!!!


Have a good night!

December 18th 2017

1. Friday is PJ day and we will be having our Christmas party in the afternoon. 

2. Students were given their study guides today. They will be having their Whole Number test on Thursday. Students are to practice the questions on the study guide to prepare them for their test on Thursday. 

December 20th

1. Students have their math unit test tomorrow. We went over their study guide practice questions today. 

2. Students who did not return their library books yet, will need to hand them in before Christmas break starts. 

3. I handed out students another paper for their razz kids accounts to go into their agendas. They are to read on razz kids for twenty minutes tonight. 



January 8th 2017

1. Students were given the John Reid Memorial Hockey Tournament Field Trip form. The form is to be handed in on Friday the 12th. We go next week on the 18th. 

2. I handed out Scholastics book orders for the month of January today. The book orders are due on January 19th. 

3. Students were given back their Math tests from our whole numbers up to 10,000 unit. Students are to have their math tests signed for Friday. 

4. WOTW (resolution is due on Friday) 

I hope everyone had a nice relaxing break! 

January 10th 2018

1. Today, students worked on different strategies for multiplying. Two strategies that they worked on were drawing an array to demonstrate a Multiplication equation and using the doubling strategy for one factor will double the product as well. Students have to complete 2 operations and explain to parents how the doubling strategy works. 

2 x 6 and 4 x 6

2. We have our Epiphany celebration on Friday at 9:30 in the morning at the school. All parents and guardians are invited to attend if they would like to. 

January 11th 2018

1. Today, we focused on the I can statement in Science: "I can identify Wastes found in Nature and human wastes." Students are to list in their agendas and have a conversation with parents tonight identifying 4 different wastes found in nature (for example: egg shells, leaves on the ground etc)

2. We have our epiphany celebration tomorrow. Parents and guardians are invited to come to our celebration. 

3. Students are to have their field trip form for John Reid handed in tomorrow and they are to have their Math test signed for tomorrow. 

January 12th

1. Students have their New years resolution comprehension due on Monday. 

2. Students will be going to the John Reid tournament on Thursday the 18th. 

3. Students are to read Razz kids over the weekend. 

4. Book orders for Scholastics are due on the 19th. 


Have a good weekend everyone!

January 16th 2018

1. Students were practicing the numbers 1 to 20 in french today. They need to say the numbers out loud to ten for parents. 

2. Solve the problems in their agenda 10 x 7 and 5 x 10.

3. Students will be given a letter to go home in their agenda on Thursday for non-sports. The note will be discussing our recorder unit for Music. 



January 31st 2018

Hello parents! I am feeling much better and I am excited to be back at school. 

1. For my non-sports academy students, we have started our recorder unit. If students would like to purchase a recorder for this unit, new recorders cost 7 dollars and recycled recorders cost 3 dollars. The students will get to keep their recorders at the end of the unit and take them home. 

2. We are going on our ski trip next Wednesday. We will be leaving in the morning. The ski forms are due tomorrow. 

3. In french, students will be focusing on creating a french carnival based off of the Quebec carnival and Carnival St. Isidore that is celebrated in Alberta. Students have to brainstorm and come up with five activities that they might want to include in their french carnival. 

February 5th 2018

1. Ski day is on Wednesday. Busses will be taking the grade four, five and sixes to Rabbit Hill. 

2. No school for students on Thursday and Friday because of teacher's convention. 

3. WOTW (Considerate) is due on Wednesday. 

4. Art card orders are due on Monday February 12th. 

5. Jersey Day and Shrove Tuesday are on February 13th. 

I'm Back!! May 7th 2018

Hello parents. I am so happy to be back and I am looking forward to spending the rest of the year with your kids. We started back into our regular routines today and we did the agendas at the end of the day. 

Here is the agenda for today. 

1. WOTW ( today we started our word of the week on Monday again.) Our word of the week is hindered. 

2. We went over the comprehension strategy of Author's message today. Students worked on one text with me that we did together and they have two others that are due on Wednesday. 

3. We have a Bake sale on Wednesday. The items range from fifty cents to one dollar. Students have a limit of buying two items. 

4. Today we worked on our fractions and decimals unit. Students are to tell parents three main concepts that we discussed today in class. (numerator, denominator, all fractions need to have equal parts. etc)


Have a good start to the week everyone!

May 9th 2018

1. Wear blue tomorrow to represent World Catholic Religion Day

2. Read 20 minutes tonight

May 10th 2018

1. Students word of the week is due tomorrow. (Hindered) 

2. Students have been learning about elements of poetry. We are focussing on creating an Alliterative poem about different flavors of ice cream. Students are to ask parents to come up with two different flavors of ice cream using the element of alliteration and write the two flavors in their agendas. 

Have a good Thursday everyone!

May 11th 2018

1. Students worked on their rough copy of their alliteration ice cream flavors and their rough copy is due on Monday. 

2. Students need to come up with a name for their ice cream store for Monday and their name has to use the element of Alliteration. Their name should be written in their agendas. 

3. Read 20 minutes each day over the weekend. 

May 14th 2018

Happy Monday everyone. 

1. This week our WOTW is Delegate. Students have their WOTW due on Thursday. 

2. Students had a whole block to work on their Ice cream flavors Alliteration assignment. They are being marked on punctuation, correct use of alliteration, and neatness of their drawing and coloring. 

3. Last week, we worked on filling out our Science Study guide. Students took home their study guides and should be going over them about ten minutes a night. Students have their Science quiz on Thursday. 

4. Students have no School on Friday. 


Have a good evening everyone!

May 15th 2018

1. Students are to study for 15 minutes tonight from their study guide for Science. 

2. Students have their Alliteration Ice-cream posters due tomorrow. 

3. We have been working on fractions of a set in Math. students are to show parents tonight what 1/4 of 8 is. They can write the answer or draw the answer if they would like. 

May 22nd 2018

1. Students worked on their Ice cream paragraphs today (They should be on their editing and revising part of their paragraphs.) Their paragraphs are due on Thursday. 

2. Science tests will be handed back tomorrow. 

3. Track and Field trip forms were handed out today along with the volunteer forms for the event. The due date for both forms is next Friday. 

4. Students worked on comparing and ordering fractions today in Math with same numerators and same denominators. They have to solve in their agendas two questions. 1/6 is ____ to 3/6 and 5/8 is ____ to 5/10. 

5. Students who are in non sports should be practicing their recorders for Thursday. They are aloud to take their recorders home to practice. 


Hope everyone had a good long weekend!

May 23rd 2018

1. Students were returned their Science tests today. They are to have them signed for Monday. 

2. Students are to tell parents about their plants that they planted today in class. 

3. Student's good copies of their ice cream paragraphs are due tomorrow and are to be submitted to me in google classroom. 

4. Track and field trip forms are still being collected and are due next Friday. 


May 28th 2018

1. WOTW (famished) due Friday

2. Track and field forms due on Friday. 

3. show parents what 4/10 and 3/10 would look like in decimal form

4. Personification posters due on Wednesday. 

May 29th 2018

1. Students were given three field trip forms today. 2 field trip forms are for swimming. One is for Grosvner pool and one is for Fountain Park. The other field trip form is for bowling. 

2. Students had one full block today to finish their personification posters today. They are to be completed for tomorrow. 

3. We have been focussing in Social on early settlement in the west and students are to tell parents four interesting facts or details about settlers. 


June 1st 2018

1. Field trip forms need to be handed in as soon as possible.

2. French assignment of likes and dislikes is due on Tuesday. Students had a block to work on their google slides today. 

3. Science google slide or poster is due on Wednesday. Students had a block to work on this today as well. 

June 4th 2018

1. Track and field is this Thursday. It is supposed to be around 27 degrees. Students should bring sun screen, bug spray, water bottles and money for concession. 

2. French google slide on likes and dislikes is due tomorrow. 

3. Science poster or google slide on "How plants are important to us and the environment" is due on Wednesday. 

4. PD day is on Friday. No school for students. 

June 5th 2018

1. Science slide/poster due tomorrow on "How plants are important to humans."

2. Today, we worked on adding decimals to the hundredths place. Students need to show parents in the agenda 2 problems. 

4.79 + 7.42  and 12.12 + 17.71 

3. Track and field is on Thursday. I went through what students need to bring on Thursday. 

4. I am still waiting for a few forms to come in for our field trips.  

June 14th 2018

1. Students who are going to districts were given their forms today. They need to be filled out ASAP. 

2. I'd rather poem is due tomorrow. Students had a block yesterday and a block today to work on their assignment. 

3. Students are supposed to tell their parents 3 ways that seeds are distributed to another location (wind, animals, water etc)


Have a good night everyone!

June 21st 2018

1. Students need to hand in their human sexuality form by tomorrow.

2. Students who are going to districts will be leaving on Monday the 25th. 

3. As a class, we will be going bowling on the 26th. We start at 12:45 and will arrive back at school at 2:45. 

4. Talent show is next Thursday which is the last day of classes for students.


Have a good night everyone!

June 26th 2018

1. Students can bring age appropriate board games from home to play tomorrow. Some examples that students said they might bring were (uno, trouble, scrabble, etc.)

2. Grade six farewell is tomorrow.