Spelling Homework

At home you can complete some of the following tasks to practice the spelling words :

  • Stairsteps: Write the words as if they are stairs, adding one letter at a time.
  • S​ 
  • ​Sp
  • Spe
  • Spel
  • Spell
  • Type it Out: Open up a Word document and have your child type the spelling words on the screen as you call them out.​ ​Enlarge the font, make it a cool color, and ​he/she will have a ball.
  • Spell on Tape: Have your child spell the words using the voice recorder on your phone or computer.
  • Use Let them Sing it: Type in a spelling word on this site, and the word is sung back to your student.(This one is bound to get giggles!)
  • Use Spelling City: Head over to Spelling City, have your child login, and then he​/she​ can learn the words, play games with them, and be tested. This site is a gem!​

​Spelling words will be given on 5 day weeks. Spelling tests will be on Fridays.