Welcome Page for Music

Welcome to Music Class

Hello and welcome.  I am so pleased to be teaching music at Albert Lacombe School. 

All the BEARS have been great!!!

How music enriches our learning through other disciplines

Mathematics - rhythm and beat uses number sense and ability to use our bodies to create subdivisions in time

Social Studies - music gives us the chance to explore and perform music from other countries and cultures.  We also use many instruments that come from other places in the world.  Music has a rich history that goes back centuries and explores different places and times:

English - language learning - music is a language all it's own. We use reading of words in songs. Reading different musical signs and symbols  helps us to make our music more expressive. 

Science - Music requires us to learn things like they are written. It is specific and exact with indications of how the music will sound in it's intensity, frequency and time.

Physical Education - movement and using our bodies to show rhythm takes energy and physical motion. Music requires coordination of different parts of our body including our facial muscles.  We need to develop control of our stomach and back muscles - more specifically the use of the diaphragm in singing.

Religion -  we show our love of God and others around us through music - especially in the use of liturgical music.  Music is a form of prayer we can all do.

Health - listening to music, singing and/or playing an instrument expresses our feelings and emotions. 

Art - music is a form of art