Albert Lacombe Hockey Pool

• Do you know your hockey?
• Are you good at guessing?
• Do you want to win?

The winning 2 teams will split half the total funds collected. Challenge your friends, family, and neighbours to join the pool and put together a winning team in our 3rd annual hockey pool. The more families that participate the bigger the prize!

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We are working in 2 areas for our Lent/Easter Project:

To prepare for Easter and to become closer to God, we are thinking about our brothers and sisters in the Philippines, in Tacloban City, who lost their community and family and friends in a huge storm, Typhoon Haiyan.

We will do the 3 actions of Lent by:

- Praying every day for them as their community is rebuilt.

- We will practice Alms-giving, taking care of our brothers and sisters in need, by donating money to help build a school for the children in Tacloban City, in the Philippines.  We have a bulletin board by the front door that explains this.

        - we will also have our Carnival in April to raise money for the school.

- We will practice Fasting by giving up actions that contribute to Climate Change.  Climate Change means more big storms like Typhoon Haiyan.  Climate Change also causes more severe weather, sometimes floods like those in southern Alberta, and sometimes drought.  This affects farmers, our food supply and contributes to more serious forest fires.

 Following the Ash Wednesday celebration, your child received a purple card BEARS BATTLE CLIMATE CHANGE with some ideas for lifestyle changes that will help us battle climate change.  Each time your child or family makes a conscious choice that helps battle climate change, please check off a box.  Every small action adds up!  After Easter, bring your purple sheet back to school and we will count up our actions to Battle Climate Change.  We hope there are at least 1000 times when we took action to battle Climate Change!  Please don't lose your sheet, making more copies contributes to Climate Change!  Thank you for joining us in this project and have a blessed season of Lent, leading up to the joyous celebration of Easter.

Bears Battle Climate Change Card



Our 50th Anniversary Mural

Our 50th Anniversary Mural

Everyday, Albert Lacombe students are encouraged to show Belonging, Excellence, Accountability, Respect and Safety and recognized for doing it! Do they show it at home? We hope so!

What would your workplace look like if all of your colleagues consistently demonstrated Belonging, Excellence, Accountability, Respect and Safety? Our focus on BEARS helps our students acquire the skills needed for success in life and in the workplace!

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